Fuck the fucking fuckers; a fresh release named “The F-word”

Sometimes you just have to try and see what you can come up with in a few hours. Take a fun sample from Youtube, create some dubstep beats and basses, mix it up with some serious glitching and there you have it: a new song named “The F-word”. Maybe you guessed it, maybe you didn’t, but this piece of sonic terror is an ode to a certain swear word that starts with the letter F.

I hope you will enjoy it. And if not… Well, fuck you.

Released: two Barton Dean demo’s

bartondeanBesides being a guitar player for Within Temptation, I also used to play guitar in a melodic skate punk band called “Barton Dean”. We released two demo’s (on tape) and I decided it was time to give this band its own spot on Soundcloud. For history’s sake, or something. The first demo was called “Stiekum ontzettend” and can be found here. The second demo was named “Coming out” and that also found its way to Soundcloud.


I’m quite into creating sounds. Lots of them, actually. But until now, I have been storing these sounds on some removable disc for future usage. In reality, out of those sounds I will probably use just a minor fraction. So I was wondering what I could do with those other sounds…. And then I stumbled upon audiobase.com, a site that allows people to share their loops. Loop packs contain between 40 and 80 loops and cost 4.50$ per pack. So I’ll be adding some loop packs to my Audiobase-page the coming weeks. If you’d like to check out my first release, head on over here.

New stuff!

It’s been quite a while since I actually posted something on this blog, but I haven’t been neglecting to make music. So there are actually some new songs available for you to listen and/or download. Just check out the Michett and Vintage Futura tabs at the top of this page. Hope you enjoy!