New stuff!

It’s been quite a while since I actually posted something on this blog, but I haven’t been neglecting to make music. So there are actually some new songs available for you to listen and/or download. Just check out the Michett and Vintage Futura tabs at the top of this page. Hope you enjoy!

Free Reaktor 5 Effect: PhoneFilter

My beloved girlfriend and Vintage Futura-partner Karianne really wanted a simple phone filter-like plugin, so I went to work and created an easy to control version in Reaktor 5. Because sharing is obviously caring, we decided to give the plugin away for free. A screenshot of the GUI is provided below, as well as a link to the zip file that contains the ensemble.

Have fun!

Download the ensemble

Re-edited version of Games that we play (still the Daft Porn remix though)

As mentioned yesterday, I got an e-mail from Indaba Music requesting a re-edit for the remix people made for Diwon’s Games that we play. Because of the word “pussy” that is used one whole single time… The fact that the song is packed with “niggers”, “bitches” and “shit”, didn’t matter, I guess.

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with people? It’s OK to degrade an entire ethnic group or sex, but it’s not OK to rap about genital organs? Wow.

Oh, I also found out that you can actually embed the song, so here we go. Hope you enjoy the funky vibes!

*sigh* What… a… world….

Just got an e-mail from Indaba concerning the remix contest I entered into last week: there was a slight problem with the audio stems that were released… To be more exact, the version most of the remixers used has some “explicit lyrics” in them, so everything will have to be re-edited and re-submitted. Yeah. Because of “explicit lyrics”… So yes people, it is no problem to make new and shiny plans for bombing Syria, but it is to use the word “pussy” in a rap song.

“Out of sight, out of mind”

This is just so fucking sad… An animated presentation of the deaths US drone attacks have been causing in Pakistan since 2004. The Western countries are currently planning to destroy Syria, just as we’ve destroyed countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. So expect much more of these depressing animations. Also note the enormous boost in attacks since mr “Yes we can” Obama…. We sure could… Fuck up the entire planet. Thanks, Barack.

Via @ncilla.